Meet Dr. Londel Fields

I didn’t always want to be a dentist. I wanted to be an engineer! But fate had other plans. Here is what happened.

After graduating with a degree in engineering from Oklahoma State University, I worked for Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver and then at Boeing in Tulsa. Although I had a great career and life seemed good, there was still something missing, and on March 15, 1999, I was about to find out in a roundabout way what it was.

That morning I woke up to my first toothache! What a very memorable and painful experience. Let me back up for a minute. When I was seven years old, I met the business end of a pair of bicycle handle bars and chipped my two front teeth. My dentist at the time didn’t see the need to repair them, so I grew up with broken front teeth. Although I wouldn’t wish a toothache or having to go through life with an embarrassing smile on anyone, I think it made me a more empathetic dentist.

Back to that March morning in 1999. I called my dentist and he couldn’t see me for six WEEKS! Can you believe that! I was in pain now! I called his “overflow” dentist (who was someone right out of school). He couldn’t see me for over a week! So I called a friend that was a fourth-year dental student at OU in Oklahoma City. I was on my way to see him the next day.

Over the next year and half, I traveled to the dental school every month. That was some serious turnpike time! To make a long story short, that experience changed my life. I finally found what I had been missing. I wanted to be a dentist!

A few years later, I was accepted to the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. Four years and two fabulous daughters later, I received my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. During dental school, I met Nate Brown. His father, Dr. Kelly Brown, founded Custom Dental, a company that helps a dentist be in business for himself but not by himself.

During my fourth year of school, Kelly asked if I would be interested in partnering with him. Since my wife Melanie and I had met and lived in the Tulsa area before school, I told him we wanted to relocate to Green Country. So, through Nate’s friendship and Kelly’s mentorship, I found my home in Sapulpa in April 2008.

Life is great. The only thing missing is meeting you. Come on by the office and give me a chance.